What Are Some Emoji Meanings?


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Some common emojis include a heart, a face with hearts for eyes and a hand with the tips of the thumb and pointer finger pressed together. These respectively convey love, excitement or happiness and agreement.

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What Are Some Emoji Meanings?
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The types of emoji available for use depends on which operating system or app you are using, For example, Android phones and Snapchat use different symbols. However, there are broad similarities between emojis, and the most common can be found almost universally.

Some of the most common emojis are faces with various expressions, such as a face with a frown to indicate sadness, a face with tears to indicate extreme happiness or mirth, a skull to represent death and a face with closed eyes, which represents relief.

Hands in different positions are also popular and include a waving hand to say hello or goodbye, two hands held up to indicate a high five and a hand with the middle finger extended which conveys disgust or anger.

Some other popular categories of emojis include food and drink, human figures engaged in various activities, images of nature and country flags.

It is also good to remember that emojis are often used sarcastically, so the meaning of a smiling face may change depending on the context of the message.

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