What Are Some Emoji Keyboards for Computer Use?

What Are Some Emoji Keyboards for Computer Use?

Both Mac and Windows operating systems have built-in emoji keyboards that are available through keyboard or taskbar shortcuts, as o 2015. There is also an emoji keyboard available through Google Chrome. Disc Cactus, a technology company, sells emoji keyboards in hardware form.

Mac operating systems have emoji keyboard for computer use, according to How-To Geek. Mac emoji keyboards can be accessed using the keyboard shortcut Command + Control + Space on Mac OSX 10.9 and later. For Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8, the emoji keyboard shortcut is Command + Option + T.

Windows 10 and 8 operating systems also have emoji keyboards for computer use, according to Technipages. The emoji keyboard on these operating systems can be accessed by right-clicking a blank area of the Windows taskbar, selecting Toolbars, and then selecting Touch Keyboard. Following this, the Touch Keyboard icon in the taskbar should be selected, and then the smiley face icon around the lower left of the keyboard should be selected. The emoji keyboard then appears.

An emoji keyboard can also be installed on computers through a Google Chrome plugin, as noted by Technipages. This can be downloaded by searching for and installing the Emoji Input plugin through Google Chrome. After the Emoji Input plugin has been installed, the emoji keyboard can be accessed by selecting the emoji icon around the top right corner.

For an emoji keyboard in hardware rather than software form, The Creators Project notes that there is a physical emoji keyboard available through Disc Cactus, a technology company. This emoji keyboard can be physically overlaid on a computer's standard keyboard and works with accompanying software to produce emojis on screen through direct typing.