What Is EMC PowerPath?

EMC PowerPath is host-based software for data path management, recovery and optimized load balancing. The software automates, standardizes and optimizes data paths in virtual, physical and cloud settings to deliver peak availability and performance. EMC PowerPath allows users meet lofty service levels with efficient application performance. Products under the EMC PowerPath umbrella include Linux, AIX and Solaris virtual environments.

EMC PowerPath utilizes automatic failover and recovery functionality. This feature removes the threat of program disruptions from cable and adapter failures, as well as user errors. Automatic failover alternates data paths to keep users online. The software utilizes dynamic path testing to eliminate faulty paths and restore functional ones to service without application disruption or user intervention.

EMC PowerPath is deployed by a multitude of businesses as a primary path-management solution. It is a flexible, automated tool that standardizes management of data paths to fulfill service-level agreements and scale out mission-critical applications.

EMC PowerPath is a computer storage application. It is a performance enhancement that creates multiple paths between a computer system’s CPU and its mass storage devices through controllers, bridge devices, buses and switches. The primary functionality of the software is to re-route data via another device should a port, switch or controller fail.