Which Email Programs Offer Free Emojis for the Computer?

Which Email Programs Offer Free Emojis for the Computer?

Most email providers offer native emoji support on PC. If not natively supported, freeware software such as Emoji Input, Free Smileys and Emoticons, Emoji Free, Emoticons Mail and Appboy can be used.

Emoji are the pictorial representations of text. They all represent different emotions and feelings. If a person is using Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail as an email provider, the emoji icon is usually below the text box.

Adding emoji to an email that doesn’t have native support is easy with freeware software. The software runs in a Web browser environment and allows emoji to be selectable as an option. Emoticons Email lets users insert funny smiley faces in Outlook mail. An emoji is attached to the sent mail as a small file.

Emoji Free is another program that lets users send emoji via email. It boasts unique, eye-catching emoji designs sent through email, SMS or on a website. It has a well-rounded selection of different emoji icons with various categories and innovative designs.

Emoji Pro uses a similar concept to deliver emoji. Emoji Input is a free software plugin on Google’s Chrome web browser. Installation is through the browser environment and allows the user to have access to an emoji input on any website. Free Smiley is another Chrome plugin that enables the user to have an emoji input on different email accounts.