How Is an Email Account on MSN Made?

Those who need to make an email account on MSN should go to, click "sign up now" where it says "Don't Have a Microsoft Account?" and follow the instructions. MSN is now merged with Hotmail, so a Hotmail account will also work for the login on

When a user signs up on MSN, that person can log in with any account already used for a Windows PC, tablet or phone. If the user already has an account on Xbox Live,, or OneDrive, that account can also be used on MSN.

Anyone who doesn't have one of those accounts can sign up with MSN and get a new email. The sign-up form asks for the name, which email server the user would like and for a password. The user should make the password a word that is easy to remember and try to include numbers for security.

The form also asks for the country of residence and for a postal code or ZIP code. Other options include gender, birthday, and phone number as well. Once the user enters the CAPTCHA, the next step is to click "Create Account," and the account will be made.