How Do You Find the Elevation of Your Home?


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An easy way to find the elevation of your home or location is by using WhatIsMyElevation.com. The site offers a free tool that reveals the elevation of any address you enter, or your current location using location-aware browsing.

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On your first visit to WhatIsMyElevation.com, the site requests your location. Click Allow to see the elevation of your current location. By default, the unit of measurement is listed as feet. To change the unit of measurement between feet and meters, simply click on "feet" or "meters" next to the Change Location button.

To manually enter an address, click the Change Location button. A search box with the words Enter your location appears at the top of the page. Type in the address you wish to search to display a dropdown menu that reveals Google map search results. Click on the desired search result or hit Enter to show the elevation for that location. Click Cancel at any time to hide the search box.

To navigate to another spot on the map, click the plus or minus buttons at the top left side of the page to zoom in or out. Double-clicking anywhere on the map gives you the elevation for that location.

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