What Electronics Commonly Require a 12-Volt DC Power Adapter?


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Electronic devices that commonly require a 12-volt DC power adapter include mobile computer equipment, entertainment devices and portable personal care items. These devices may contain batteries that the adapter recharges while powering the device or have size and weight considerations that prevent them from having internal power components.

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Computer equipment that commonly requires a 12-volt DC power adapter includes laptop computers and GPS navigation equipment. Laptop computers normally have batteries that need frequent recharging or a power source for extended use when traveling, while GPS devices generally lack internal power components and rely on power from a DC power supply. Entertainment devices such as MP3 players, portable radios and DVD players also frequently rely on DC adapters for power while traveling.

Personal care items, such as portable electric razors and massage pads, often include 12-volt DC power adapters. Portable razors usually have rechargeable batteries that let users operate them without cords and DC power adapters for recharging batteries when traditional AC electricity sources are not available. Some massage pads are designed for vehicular use and require DC adapters for power.

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