How Does Electronic Media Affect the Global Village?


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Electronic media affects the global village by replacing local cultures with a more homogenized global culture. Marshall Mcluhan first coined the term "global village," and discussions about the affects of electronic media on the global village often revolve around his theories.

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Mcluhan proposes that electronic media hastens the process of the separate individuals of the public being replaced by "the mass." The mass refers to the global audience that enjoys the exact same cultural products. Likewise, electronic media encourages the global village to look towards the world through the same lens, causing a homogenization of ideologies. This, in turn, causes local media outlets to focus on balancing the effects of electronic media by promoting the issues of minority groups.

The Internet serves both as a part of the global electronic media and as an outlet for local discussion. In fact, it has the potential to link local cultures with the rest of the world.

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