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Effy Stonem was a character on the U.K. TV show “Skins.” Actress Kaya Scodelario portrayed Effy in series one through four, as well as series seven after a brief hiatus. Effy appeared in more episodes than any other character on the show.

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The character Effy was the younger sister of Tony Stonem. She was quiet and mysterious, speaking for the first time toward the end of the first series. Effy remained in the background of the show until the third series, when she became more prominent after her parents’ split. She became involved in a love triangle with two other characters, Freddie and James, who were friends before they both got involved with Effy. Through this she earned a reputation as a maneater. She chose James even though she loved Freddie more, but later in the show she ended up with Freddie. Her mental state eventually deteriorated, particularly after Freddie was murdered trying to defend her.

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