How Effective Is a QR Code Barcode Scanner?


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The effectiveness of a QR Code barcode scanner varies according to the manufacturer. Cell phone scanning quality varies depending on the cell phone's camera feature. Other factors that impact the quality of QR Code scanning include the material and color used to print the code.

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QR Code is a matrix or two-dimensional barcode that is capable of storing much more data in a smaller space than a conventional barcode. QR Codes are used in manufacturing, warehouse work, medical facilities and retail sales to store data, manage inventory, carry out inspections, trace items and undertake a number of other tasks. Although Denso Wave holds a patent on the QR Code and a trademark on the name, it allows free use of QR Codes. As a result, products related to its use such as scanners vary in quality. The efficiency of a cell phone with appropriate software in scanning QR Codes depends on how well the cell phone's camera can bring the code into focus.

Scanning devices work most efficiently when QR Codes are rendered in black on white background. Because devices use red light to scan QR Codes, some color combinations such as a red code on white background or a blue code on a green background cannot be read. QR Codes scan most effectively on opaque, flat surfaces such as plain paper. Transparent material does not properly reflect light, and uneven surfaces such as bags distort the code.

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