What Are the Most Effective Design Strategies for a Company Intranet?


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A well designed intranet should be easy and engaging to use, and this can be achieved by ensuring that the content is well-written, well-presented and easy to find, while also enabling employees to quickly locate important information or connect with other employees. Making sure that employee profiles are well-populated and up-to-date is also key, as this ensures that the intranet becomes a go-to place for all members of a company.

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The homepage is also one of the most important aspects to consider when designing an intranet. The homepage needs to be informative, dynamic and engaging. This means that content should be frequently updated, with new content that not only delivers information relevant to the company itself, but also user-specific content and notifications.

Building an active employee community determines how successful any intranet will be in the long term. As such, incorporating peer to peer recognition into any design ensures that individuals not only connect more frequently, they are also able to engage, praise and reward each other. This can be especially effective at building morale, as well as increased engagement with the intranet itself.

While social aspects are important, an intranet can be a powerful business tool for a company. Making sure that important projects, teams or campaigns are easily viewable (and able to be manipulated) empowers employees to manage projects and teams more effectively.

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