How Do You Edit Vine Content?


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Vine users can edit content by rearranging or removing clips on the edit screen within the application. Users simply need to tap, hold and drag video clips to the desired location.

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The Vine app allows users to create and share videos of up to 6 seconds long on social media sites. Users can save up to 10 draft Vine sessions. The videos appear on users' Vine profiles, and they can also share them on Twitter and Facebook.

  1. View edit screen
  2. After shooting a Vine video, the application displays a preview of the content along with an "Edit" option that gives users access to an edit screen. The edit screen offers options for reorganizing or removing certain video clips.

  3. Reorganize Vine clips
  4. The edit screen shows an array of the individual clips that make up the video. Users can change the order by tapping one of the clips and then holding and dragging it to a preferred location.

  5. Remove Vine clips
  6. Users can remove a Vine clip completely by tapping the clip on the edit screen and then holding and dragging it to the top of the screen, where a red bar appears. Releasing the clip as it hovers over the red bar cuts it from the video.

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