How Do You Edit Text in a Photo With GIMP?


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In order to add text to an image using GIMP, write your text in the Text Editor as a layer, and format your text to your desired specifications. The following steps explain how you can add text to an image using GIMP, according to Quakit.

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In order to add text in GIMP, open a new image (File > New). Click the Text tool icon from the main toolbox. Click within the image, approximately where you would like the text to appear. The GIMP Text Editor will appear. Type your text in the text editor and it will appear on the image. Once the text is added it is a new layer.

The benefit of the text being a layer is that when you edit the text the image will not be affected. Open the Tool Options dialog. You do this by selecting Dialogs > Tool Options in order to change the text format. Change the font by clicking on the "Aa" button and selecting it from the list. In addition, you can also apply special effects or filters to your text and transform your text using transformation tools as well as other options. One can close and open the GIMP Text Editor at any time during the process.

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