How Do You Edit a PDF?

Use the Adobe Acrobat program to access the appropriate editing tools to resize, move or change your PDF file. Microsoft Word can also edit PDF files; both programs allow you to edit texts and images, as well as restructure paragraphs. The recommended program to edit PDF files is through Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Access Adobe's PDF Editor

    Open your PDF in Acrobat XI or later versions to access the point-and-click editing tools. Select Tools and Content Editing. Click the Edit Text & Images menu, and select the content or on-page element you want to edit. After highlighting the selection, select the tool that is most appropriate for your task.

  2. Open the appropriate editing tools

    To edit images, select the Tools menu at the top right of the document, and click Content Editing Panel. Select the edit Text & Images tool, and then highlight the image you wish to edit.

  3. Edit the PDF

    To move the image, click and drag it to a desired location. To resize the image, click any corner and drag it for the desired width and height. Select the image tools, which display automatically, to crop, rotate or replace the image.