How Do EBay Online Auto Auctions Work?

In an eBay online auto auction, buyers enter the maximum amount they would be willing to pay for a vehicle and the system automatically places bids up to this value. The bidder who has the highest maximum bid wins the auction.

To enter an eBay auction, click the Place Bid button on the item page. Enter the maximum amount you would be prepared to pay for the vehicle and click Place Bid. The eBay Motors system then compares this bid to bids that other people have made. The system places bids automatically to maintain your high bid position, while meeting the reserve price for the auction, which means there is no need to keep coming back to the site to check on the auction and place more bids. However, if another bidder has a higher maximum bid, then that person takes the high bid position. The person who is in the high bid position when the auction ends purchases the car.

Entering a bid in an eBay online auto auction enters the bidder into a contract with the seller. The bidder is obliged to pay the amount offered to purchase the car. Sellers can cancel bids from buyers who they don't think are serious about purchasing the vehicle.