How Is EBay Canada Different From International EBay Sites?


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eBay Canada is different from international eBay sites in that it caters specifically to Canadian users. This is convenient for Canadian buyers and sellers alike.

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One of the most obvious ways that the Canadian eBay website is different from international eBay sites is that all prices are offered in Canadian dollars. Items from sellers outside of Canada often feature prices in both the listed currency of the seller's country and Canadian dollars.

All items on Canadian eBay are available to ship to Canada. This is not always the case for the American eBay website or other international eBay websites. Canadians can see items offered from international websites, but only if they are available to ship to Canada. There are many Canadian sellers on the Canadian version of the site, which helps Canadians avoid border fees, duties and taxes. All shipping information offered on the site is targeted at Canadian users.

Canadian eBay is also useful for Canadian sellers. The company has a partnership with Canada Post, which makes it easy for sellers to purchase and print out postage online. Sellers can also easily track items they have sold on eBay and shipped through Canada Post. eBay also provides lots of Canada-specific information for sellers who offer items within Canada and who want to ship internationally.

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