What Is an Easy Way to Print Text Messages?

easy-way-print-text-messages Credit: Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

An easy way to print text messages on a smartphone is to screencap each text that displays a date, timestamp and the sender's name and then download the screenshot to a computer for printing. Special applications are also available to print text messages, such as Decipher TextMessage for iPhones and SMS Backup + for Android phones.

Screenshots of text messages require iPhone users to select the Home button and Sleep button at the same time to capture the image on-screen. The photo is then saved in a folder within the user's image database. It can be emailed, sent as a text or saved to a computer when backing up the phone's data.

Android users can screencap text messages to print by pressing down the Sleep or Wake button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. The screen should flash to indicate an image was captured. Galaxy devices have a Home and Power button that must be pressed simultaneously to capture the data on the phone's screen.

Individuals who keep a printed record of text messages can use this information in legal proceedings as long as a date and timestamp are visible and the sender and receiver are displayed on the printouts.