What Is an Easy Way to Create a New Folder on Computers?


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To create a new folder, hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys (or Shift and Command keys, if using Apple OS), and then press N. This can be done on the desktop or within most folders. Alternatively, with Windows you can click with the right mouse button (right-click) anywhere on the desktop or in an open folder, and select New followed by Folder.

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Make sure you select the area where you want the folder to be located. Once clicked, this area becomes your active area. The active area can be your desktop or a folder. New folders can only be created in the active area. If the active area is an Internet browser or other prohibited area, it does not create a new folder.

Once created, you can immediately begin typing a name for your folder. You then press Enter or Return to save this name. If you click away from the new folder without typing anything, the folder's default name is New Folder. At this point and any time hereafter, you can right-click the folder (using Windows) and select Rename to rename the folder. Alternatively, you can slowly double-click the folder and begin typing to rename the folder. Make sure you pause at least one second between clicks.

For Apple OS X Lion and OS X Yosemite, select the item to rename, and press the Return key. You may also perform a slow double-click on the item to be renamed, type the new name, then press the Return key.

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