What Are Some Easy-to-Use Cellphones for Seniors?

What Are Some Easy-to-Use Cellphones for Seniors?

A few easy-to-use cell phones for seniors are the Nokia 100, Samsung Gusto 2 and Alcatel 382G, known as "The Big Easy." The Emporia CLICKplus V32 and the Jitterbug Plus are also easy for the elderly to use.

The Nokia 100 is a simple GSM unlocked, dual-band bar phone available on AT&T and T-Mobile. It features an easy-to-use keyboard with predictive text and also comes pre-installed with FM and AM radio. It's durable, lightweight and affordable.

The Samsung Gusto 2 is a flip phone from Samsung and Verizon that has simplified menus and big keys. Many seniors like flip phones because they can answer calls by simply opening the phone.

One of the easiest cell phones to use for seniors is the Alcatel 382 G. The phone has very large buttons, a speakerphone and caller ID.

A more stylish choice is the Emporia CLICKplus V32. Featuring an elegant and modern style, the CLICKplus V32 is a GSM unlocked flip phone with an easy-to-use keyboard and a bright color display.

The Jitterbug plus is the world's most well-known phone designed for seniors. First launched in 2006, it is one of the bestselling senior phones on the market. It offers 5star Urgent Response and is excellent for seniors who need 24/7 urgent care monitoring.