What Are Some Easy Typing Practice Exercises?


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Typing practice exercises include numerous variations and repetitions of words, symbols and patterns. There are several websites that offer typing practice exercises and tests for free.

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What Are Some Easy Typing Practice Exercises?
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Typing exercises often consist of random combinations of certain keys. One example from Speed Typing Online consists of variations of the letters J, K, D and F. Once these exercises have been mastered, further practice includes random words strung together, instead of letters. Eventually, practice sessions consist of typing actual sentences and paragraphs.

Essential to any typing practice is that the hands be kept on "home base." In this position, the four fingers of the left hand sit on keys A, S, D and F, and the four fingers of the right hand sit on keys J, K, L and the semi-colon key. Typists should stay focused on the screen and not look down at the keyboard so that the fingers can develop the muscle memory needed for touch typing. Students should repeat each exercise several times since completing an exercise once does not mean that mastery has been achieved.

Some websites that offer free typing practice are Learn Typing, Sense-Lang.org, TypeOnline.co.uk, and How To Type. Taking advantage of these sites lets users observe personal progress in speed and accuracy.

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