How Easy Is It to Make International Phone Calls With a Cell Phone?

New technology has provided easy ways and multiple options for making international phone calls with a cell phone. It requires knowing about the calling plan or using a calling card, and knowing the right method for dialing.

The first thing to do when using a cell phone for international calls is to learn more about the phone plan. Some plans offer unlimited and free international calls, while others charge a lot for these types of calls. Some plans don’t even offer the ability to call internationally. Check with the plan to find out the exact rates. Some cell phone companies offer free calling to certain countries, like Mexico and Canada, while other locations cost more.

Some calling cards can be used by cell phones to make international phone calls. Follow the directions on the calling card to input that number first before dialing the international number. This helps to avoid using cell phone minutes and getting an unexpected bill.

Also learn the correct way to dial certain countries from a cell phone. In Mexico, the cell phone user must first dial the number 1 before adding the country code, then the phone number. Other countries often have similar instructions in order to make the phone call.