What Is the Easiest Way to Transfer Music Between Mobile Devices?


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The easiest way to transfer music between mobile devices is by using direct transfer functions; they require no cables or other accessories. Most mobile devices carry a Bluetooth function that is sufficient for this task, but Android and Apple devices are often not compatible in this manner, and applications may be required.

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Sending music between two mobile devices is relatively straightforward using the Bluetooth function.

  1. Access Bluetooth through the settings feature
  2. The location of the settings feature may change depending on the device being used, but the Bluetooth option is always found under settings.
  3. Activate Bluetooth
  4. Swipe or hit the on function to activate Bluetooth on both devices. Ensure visibility is on as well. Identify the devices by the model or names given by the user and tap the devices to pair them.
  5. Finish pairing
  6. Pairing usually requires to use of a passkey to prevent file theft. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and enter the keys on both devices to proceed.
  7. Send the file
  8. The sender of the file should tap or press and hold the desired music file until presented with the "share" option. Choose share and tap the paired device when prompted. The device will ask for permission and then quickly begin sending data with a progress bar showing how long the transfer will take.

If the Bluetooth function fails, there are different apps that allow for sending between Apple and Android devices, including SendAnywhere, InstaShare, and BT Sync. If all else fails, a user may also simply send the files to phones using regular email.

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