What Is the Easiest Way to Back up an Android Phone?

What Is the Easiest Way to Back up an Android Phone?

The easiest way to back up an Android phone is to use an app such as Ultimate Backup, Super Backup, Easy Backup & Restore or Helium. Each of these applications provides backup service that is convenient and free.

Ultimate Backup offers local and cloud backups of applications, a built-in task killer and uninstaller, cache cleaning and other features. It also provides the option to back up calls, bookmarks and Wi-Fi details. Access to the premium version costs $2.99 and allows the user to schedule tasks, restore backups from the cloud and access other advanced functionality.

Super Backup allows for backing up applications and phone data to an SD Card, internal storage, PC or Gmail. It offers all of its features for free, while providing a $1.99 premium version that doesn't display advertisements.

Completely free of charge, Easy Backup & Restore allows the user to back up contacts, call logs, messages and APKs to a SD card or cloud storage service.

Lastly, a user can select Helium to back up a phone's data, including all application data and settings, which none of the other apps can do without rooting. The user must plug the phone into a PC and install a desktop application that works with the mobile one. A $4.99 premium version allows for backup scheduling, cloud uploading and an ad-free interface.