What Is Earthlink TotalAccess?

Earthlink TotalAccess is a deprecated service provided for Earthlink dial-up Internet users. As of 2015, the service is no longer actively supported and is only provided to Earthlink users via CD upon request. The company uses a newer application known as Earthlink Access Software; however, TotalAccess is still provided to certain customers whose computers handle the old software better.

Earthlink is a provider of Internet services, including dial-up Internet access, and uses an application called Earthlink Access Software rather than TotalAccess. For the most part, customers have little reason to use TotalAccess, because the newer software is better maintained than its older counterpart. Using the old software is supplied partly for the preference of the customer and partly for compatibility issues with older computers. If a computer does not have issues running Earthlink Access Software, it is the more optimal choice.

According to the Earthlink support website, the older software is available on the same provided disk as the newer software, but by default, the newer software is installed instead. As of 2015, TotalAccess is not available for download and can only be installed from this physical installation disk. Earthlink Access Software, however, can be downloaded from the Earthlink website without the need for a physical disk.