Where Are Ear Phones for TV Sold?

Where Are Ear Phones for TV Sold?

Walmart and Best Buy sell headphones for watching television online and at store locations. Amazon.com and SmithGear.com also offer head sets for television. These companies offer full headphone sets as well as head sets that feature ear buds instead of full ear coverage.

Walmart sells several wireless over-ear TV headsets from major brand-name manufacturers, such as Sony, JVC, Beats, Monster and Unisar. The Unisar TV Listener J3 infrared wireless headphones feature a 33-foot range, and the rechargeable set lasts for 15 hours.

Best Buy sells brand-name, over-ear TV headsets from Brookstone, Axcess, Agptex and Able Planet. The company also offers the Sennheiser headphone for TV, which features binaural earbuds, wireless connectivity, two TV adapters and a 321-foot operating distance.

Amazon.com's selection of earbud TV headseats includes the Sennheiser SET840-TV RF stereo system, the Unisar wireless digital TV listening system and the TV Ears 20301 2.3 wireless headset system. The company carries over-ear sets from Sony, Sennheiser, Unisar and Sharper Image.

SmithGear.com offers TV headsets for infra-red, radio frequency and Bluetooth technologies, as well as sets for analog or digital systems. Infrared technology is for line-of-sight applications, RF allows listening through ceilings and walls, and Bluetooth features a 33-foot range and wireless connectivity to TV, audio and cellphone calls. The ClearSounds ClearBlue wireless Bluetooth TV headphones feature a headband design, and the product is compatible with LCD and plasma TV sets. The ClearBlue head set pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device, such as cell phones or iPads.