How Do You Get DVD43 for Windows?


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DVD43 can be downloaded from dvd43.com; from there, can select three different download sites. The standalone version of DVD43 is no longer supported since it’s not compatible with Windows 8 or any 64-bit versions or Windows. It does work with 32-bit editions of XP, Vista and 7, however.

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The non-standalone version, however, does work with all 64-bit platforms, including Windows 8.

DVD43 is a free plug-in that provides an interface that third-party DVD copy programs can use to decrypt DVDs in Microsoft Windows. DVD43 acts as a driver for optical drives. It disables zone and copy protection information, which allows the user to use DVDs outside of the region of release and make backup copies of legally owned DVDs. DVD34 is not an application; it is a DLL that installs in the Windows system folder and runs in the background.

To install and use DVD43, first download the file and run the setup program; after the installation is complete, start your DVD copy program. Make sure that your DVD copy program is compatible with plug-in decrypters. If it's not compatible, a DVD might be flagged as encrypted. If you have an older version of DVD43 and want to update it, first uninstall all previous versions.

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