What Is DVD43 for on 64-Bit Windows 7?


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DVD43 is an open-source program that can be run in the background of Windows 7 or any other Windows operating system to decrypt and remove copyright protections, which restrict an individual from copying or manipulating media, according to codecs.com. It is used mainly to copy DVDs on to computer hard drives.

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Once DVD43 is running, it automatically detects when a DVD with copyright protection is inserted and removes the protections, thus allowing the user to manipulate or copy the DVD or to watch DVDs from different regions. Once the digital copy is saved to the computers hard drive, it can be streamed over a local area network. For instance, the content can be streamed to a device such as a Playstation or Xbox which can then be watched on a television.

To set up DVD43, the user must download the free program from one of a number of sites. Searching for DVD43 in any popular search engine will yield many sources to choose from, and the program will be free if it comes from a legitimate source. If the site tries to charge money, there is a good chance that it's not a legitimate program. When the program is downloaded, the next step is to install the program using the setup.exe found in the saved folder of the program. The program places a face icon in the task bar which changes depending on whether a protected DVD has been inserted. A yellow smiley face means that no DVD is in or that there are no protections on the DVD. When a DVD with protections is inserted, a red devil face appears until the program removes the protections. When the DVD is ready to use, the red devil face turns into a green happy face.

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