What Is a DVD Super Multi Double-Layer Drive?

dvd-super-multi-double-layer-drive Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild/CC-BY 2.0

The DVD Super Multi double-layer drive permits DVD+R and DVD-R discs to store substantially more data than their single-layer counterparts. Multilayer drives store as much as 4.7 gigabytes. Many DVD recorders support dual-layer discs; however, recording speeds for dual-layer discs are still far below single-layer DVDs.

Two modes are featured for dual-layer use and are read differently. Opposite track path and parallel track path modes are utilized in DVD-ROM drives. The OPT mode is designed so the reading of the second layer begins from the outside, while PTP utilizes both layers. In PTP, recording begins with a lead-in at the inside diameter or ID and concludes with a lead-out at the outside diameter or OD.

The USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi double-layer drive that is offered by Toshiba enables users to back up files, load software, watch movies and burn DVDs or CDs. The device can be used with laptops, netbooks and notebooks that do not feature an optical drive or have an optical drive that is outdated. The drive allows users to back up files on a DVD-RAM. The drive is USB powered, so an AC adapter is not necessary. The drive's ABS, or automatic ball balancing system, significantly reduces vibrations and noise. Toshiba's drive supports 8 cm and 12 cm optical discs and can record to either double-layer or single-layer DVDs.