What Are Some Duties of an Application Support Analyst?

An application support analyst's primary duty is assisting executives, managers and employees within a company so they are fully able to utilize and achieve maximum efficiency with the software applications required by their job responsibilities. An analyst also provides feedback from users to the company IT department to help improve proprietary applications for functionality and usability.

In many companies, it is a common practice to use software tools and utilities that are developed in-house for proprietary use. Employees and managers across various departments are normally expected to use these applications as part of their job responsibilities. An application support analyst works with these employees to help troubleshoot and fix problems they may be having that can cause frustration and loss of efficiency. In many companies, an application support analyst can be thought of as a sort of in-house tech support analyst for the software applications used throughout the enterprise.

In the course of providing assistance to users within the company, an application analyst is also likely to discover that parts of applications are difficult to learn, under-realized or simply not functional. The analyst collects this data and then issues reports to IT development teams within the company so that future iterations of company applications alleviate these problems.