What Is Dual-Core Technology?


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Dual-core technology refers to a CPU setup with an integrated circuit featuring two processors, each with its own individual controller and cache. A dual-core CPU's design allows the two independent processors to act as a single processor able to reach up to twice the processing power of a single-core CPU. As of 2015, some examples of dual core CPU chips are the Intel Core Duo, the dual-core PowerPC G5 and the AMDX2.

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A dual-core CPU's design allows it to complement computer working environments that require multitasking. Two CPU cores helps the computer run multiple commands in parallel, which increases the overall computing speed of the device. Some dual-core processors are homogenous, meaning the two cores are identical.

As of 2015, CPUs are also available in multi-core variants that exceed two cores, such as the IBM z13 eight-core processor, the Azul Systems Vega 3 54-core processor, the Intel Xeon 12-core processor and the Nvidia GeForce 9 multi-core GPU.

Dual-core technology was developed in response to the diminishing returns of clock rate speed improvements. Prior to the introduction of dual-core CPU systems, CPU performance was generally improved by reducing the area required by an integrated circuit or by adding more transistors in the same surface area.

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