What Does DSLR Stand For?


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DSLR or digital SLR refers to a digital single-lens reflex camera. It is a type of digital camera that combines a digital imaging sensor with a single-lens reflex camera by using mirrors to direct light from the lens to the view finder. This enables users to view the image they are about to shoot through the view finder.

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When the shutter release is hit, the mirror flips up and enables the image sensor, which is rated in megapixels, to capture the image. With DSLR cameras, whatever is seen through the viewfinder is exactly what appears in the photograph.

The most notable feature of a DSLR camera is the ability to easily swap lenses. Every lens has its own unique view. Common types of lenses used with a DSLR include fish-eye, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. DSLR users can purchase lenses that complement their style of photography.

Another notable advantage DSLR cameras have over regular point-and-shoot cameras is speed. Digital SLRs are usually fast when it comes to shutter lag, focusing and start up. Most DSLRs also have a wider array of ISO settings that make them more flexible when shooting different locations. On the downside, digital SLRs are complex, pricey, noisy and heavy pieces of machinery that require a lot of maintenance.

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