How Do You Dry an IPhone That Has Been Dropped in Water?

How Do You Dry an IPhone That Has Been Dropped in Water?

Dry a wet iPhone by turning it off, shaking it and drying it off with a towel. Then, immerse it in a bag of uncooked, unenriched rice for a few days. The rice draws the moisture out of the device to dry it out.

  1. Turn off the iPhone

    If your iPhone gets wet, turn it off right away. Lock it to prevent it from inadvertently being switched on. If the device is turned on, the damp circuits could sustain more damage.

  2. Shake out water if possible

    When your iPhone falls into water, the liquid seeps into small openings in the phone. Shaking the phone quickly removes the largest pockets of water through those same openings. Focus on removing any visible water from the device.

  3. Dry the phone

    Gently blot the phone with a soft towel. Blot all surfaces. Move the towel around to keep blotting with dry areas until no more moisture shows.

  4. Cover the phone with rice

    Place the damp phone in a large plastic bag. Add uncooked rice to cover the phone. Use rice that hasn't been enriched. Enriched rice produces dust which can get into the phone. Set the bag in a safe place for a few days. The dry rice attracts moisture, pulling the last of the water out of the iPhone.