How Do You Find a Free Driver Install Program?

How Do You Find a Free Driver Install Program?

Free Driver Updater, Windows Update and Device Manager are free applications that scan your system and install the appropriate drivers automatically. Whereas Free Driver Updater is a third-party program, the other two come installed with the operating system.

Free Driver Updates scans a database that has drivers for more than 13 devices. Device Doctor claims that it adds more every week. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems and is capable of learning from the users to determine the best drivers to suggest.

Use Windows Update to scan for and download drivers. Click the Start button, type Update in the search box, and click Windows Update. Click Check for Updates on the left, and select the drivers you want installed once the search finishes. Click OK to download the drivers.

Alternatively, the Device Manager application can find drivers. Click the Start button, and open Control Panel. Then click System and Security, and click Device Manager under System. When the application launches, find the device you want to update the drivers of, and double-click it. Navigate to the Driver tab, and click Update Driver.

Windows may ask for administrative privileges when looking for drivers. Grant administrative privileges to allow the applications to scan for drivers.