What Are Some Drawing Software Programs for the PC?


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Some drawing programs for the PC include Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, SketchBook Pro and Adobe Photoshop, as of 2015. Each program offers different functionality and tools ideal for different art styles and purposes, ranging from simple painting to complex image creation for both print and Web viewing.

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What Are Some Drawing Software Programs for the PC?
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Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing program, which means that it the art it creates is capable of seamless scaling in size for use in a variety of settings, typically as an aspect of Web design. Vectors correlate the placement of lines and shade of colors to mathematical values, allowing for the change in size without loss of image quality. However, this limits the design possibilities of the program.

GIMP is a free, open source image editing program that also contains tools for drawing custom images. It contains a painting tool that supports custom brush styles and the ability to place and modify premade shapes.

Adobe Photoshop is also an image editing program, though it contains a robust set of drawing and painting tools. The primary feature of Photoshop is its layers system, wherein the user is able to create new segments on the image upon which she may draw without affecting the other layers. It also contains a limited vector drawing system and options to blend and modify colors.

SketchBook Pro is a drawing and painting program that is part of the Autodesk suite of digital imaging software. It supports the creation of animated images and integrated with the three-dimensional graphic software from Autodesk.

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