How Do I Draw a Circle in GIMP?


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To draw a circle in GIMP, use the Ellipse select tool and draw the circle using your mouse. Choose a border and whether to fill in the circle with a solid color or leave it blank. Gimp stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a free alternative to proprietary image manipulation software.

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How Do I Draw a Circle in GIMP?
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  1. Select the ellipse tool

    Click on Tools, which is located on the Image menu. Click on Selection tools and then Ellipse select. Alternatively, locate and click on the Ellipse select icon in the toolbox.

  2. Draw the circle

    Hold down the Shift and Alt keys on your keyboard. Left-click and drag your mouse to create the circle. The border selection dialog box appears.

  3. Choose a border

    Select the number of pixels you want the border. You can experiment to see which border works best for your purposes. You can also choose the feather border setting. Click OK to finish the border selection.

  4. Fill in the circle with a solid color

    If you want to fill the circle in with a solid color, click the Edit menu at the top of the screen. Select Fill with FG Color. The circle automatically fills with the color of the circle's border.

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