How Do You Draw Basic Shapes Using OpenOffice Draw?


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Hold and drag your mouse to draw a basic shape onto the OpenOffice document. Customize the shape using the line fill, width and fill color from the Line and Filling toolbar. You only need to install the free OpenOffice Draw to get started.

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  1. Locate the Drawing toolbar

    Open an OpenOffice Draw document, and look for the Drawing toolbar at the top. If you do not see the toolbar, click View, and select Drawing from the Toolbars submenu.

  2. Select a shape

    Click one of the shapes you would like to insert into the document. Once you select a shape, the mouse cursor transforms into a crosshair.

  3. Draw the shape

    Click on an empty area in the document. Hold down your left mouse button, and drag the shape into place. Release the mouse button when you have set the shape to the desired size.

  4. Edit the shape

    Review the options in the Line and Drawing toolbar at the top of the document. Change the shape's line color, line width and fill color to suit your preference. In addition, right-click the shape, and select Edit Style. Add shadowing or transparency to your shape, or select new fonts and other options from the pop-up menu.

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