What Downloads Does XBMC Offer?

What Downloads Does XBMC Offer?

XBMC offers a media center application for desktop computers, mobile devices and televisions as of 2016. The nonprofit technology consortium has rebranded and now uses the name Kodi. The media center application also uses the Kodi name.

Kodi is an open-source application that can play and view media files from local storage drives and the Internet. In addition to MP3, WAV and WMA, the built-in music player can play AAC, OGG and FLAC files. It also features a cue sheet, smart playlists and tagging support. The music player is fully compatible with Music Brainz.

The movie player supports all major formats and online streaming formats such as H.264, WEBM and HEVC. The application can import movies with full posters, fan art, disc art, actor information and trailers. It can also play TV shows and display themes. For instance, the application looks different when browsing a sci-fi library than it does when browsing a cartoon library.

Kodi can also display pictures and start slideshows. Able to display live TV content, Kobi also offers a TV recorder that works with MythTV, Windows Media Center and VDR.

Users can customize the Kobi interface by installing add-ons and skins. As the application is open-source, users can design their own skins and share them with the community. Click Add-ons on the banner at the top to access user-created add-ons, skins, games and movie subtitles.

To download Kobi, click the Downloads button on the banner, and select a version. If using an Android device, you can also download it from Google Play Store. The developer offers the application for free on all platforms but also accepts donations. Click the gray P button to donate if you like the application. Click Wiki to access the manual and learn how to use the software.