How Do You Download Free Windows Sidebars?


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Download free Windows sidebars from MetroSidebar and Desktop Sidebar. As Windows 10 comes with a sidebar of its own, upgrading to the operating system is also a way to have a sidebar for free.

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Mimicking the Metro design language of Windows versions 8 and 8.1, MetroSidebar enables the user to access common tools, see weather forecasts, play music and more. Similarly to the Start Screen of Windows 8, the application features live tiles that update with new information. The sidebar offers various customization features, such as locking its position, changing the color of the sidebar and adjusting the opacity of each tile. When not used, the sidebar hides automatically by sliding out of the screen. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is required to run MetroSidebar.

Designed for Windows versions 2000, XP and Vista, Desktop Sidebar displays breaking news, critical appointments, instant Web search tools, task tracing and more. The sidebar consists of panels, each of which is fully customizable. Desktop Sidebar also allows the user to drag individual panels off the sidebar and dock them anywhere on the screen. The sidebar itself is also highly customizable, as it lets the user create new skins by using Skin Editor.

Users with Windows versions 7, 8 and 8.1 can download Windows 10 to have a sidebar for free. Windows 10 features a notifications sidebar that also allows quick access to system settings, OneNote, the tablet mode and more. If running a version of Windows eligible for the upgrade to Windows 10, the user receives a notification on the bottom right of the screen when the operating system is ready for installation. Follow the instructions to download Windows 10 and the sidebar that comes with it.

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