How Do You Download WhatsApp on a Windows 7 Laptop?


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WhatsApp cannot be downloaded to a Windows 7 laptop, as it is only available for mobile operating systems. However, the WhatsApp Web application works on any PC running the Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari Web browsers, including Windows 7 laptops.

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How Do You Download WhatsApp on a Windows 7 Laptop?

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WhatsApp is a messaging application available for smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian or Windows Phone. It is also available for select models of conventional Nokia cell phones. The Nokia S40 is one example of a basic phone that supports WhatsApp.

The Web version of WhatsApp requires the user to have WhatsApp installed on a supported mobile device. Supported mobile devices for WhatsApp web include Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia devices. WhatsApp's Web version is not compatible with the iOS version of the software; iPhone users cannot connect to the Web version.

To use the Web version, the user scans a code on the website using the WhatsApp mobile app. This logs the user in on the Web version. Users can choose to remain logged in to the Web version after this initial connection. WhatsApp's Web version supports text messages, photos, voice messages and videos. Actions sync across both the Web and mobile phone versions of WhatsApp, so messages sent and received on one platform are available on the other.

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