How Do You Download a User Guide to Your Kindle?


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The best way to transfer a user guide to your Kindle is to download it first to a computer and then transfer it to your device with a USB cable. Alternately, email a user guide to your Kindle using its built-in send-to email address. You can also download the user guide specific to your Kindle for free via the Amazon store.

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Amazon restricts the types of files a Kindle can download directly. The best way to download a user guide for a general device or software program to your Kindle is to use a computer for the initial download. Then, connect your device with a USB cord, and click and drag the file from your computer to the Documents folder on the Kindle. Kindle natively recognizes and uses files with the .mobi, .pdf, .txt and .html file extensions. For other file types, such as .epub, you must first convert the user guide using a free third-party program such as Calibre, which is available on Calibre-eBook.com.

Alternately, download a user guide to your Kindle by emailing it directly to the device. First, determine your Kindle's send-to address, which is located under your device settings on the tab labeled Manage Your Kindle. You can email any document of a supported file type directly to your Kindle and then download and read it that way.

If you want to download the Kindle user guide, it is available free of charge from the Amazon store, which you can browse from your device. Enter "Kindle user guide" as a search term, pick your specific model from the list, and download the guide to your device.

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