How Do You Download TomTom Navigator Maps?

To download maps on your TomTom GPS device, you need to connect your device to the computer and start TomTom Home, select the maps you want, and then click Update and Install. The computer downloads the software and installs it on your TomTom device.

Your TomTom GPS device cannot read the downloaded maps unless you have the latest version of the TomTom application. To download the maps, you need to log in with the same account that you used to purchase them. If you already had the same maps installed on your device, you need to remove them first. Only then do the maps appear on the update list.

There are some TomTom devices that use MyDrive Connect instead of TomTom Home to handle map updates. This is a different program provided by the company that uses a wireless process to download maps; you do not need to connect your device to a computer.

Click on the MyDrive Connect icon and select Settings. In the Cache tab, click Empty the Cache, and then click Save Settings. After you restart MyDrive Connect and connect your device to the computer, the software automatically gives you the option to download the maps again.