How Do You Download the Technic Launcher?

How Do You Download the Technic Launcher?

As of July 2015, the Technic Launcher is available for download from Choose the download button associated with your current operating system to download the launcher for Windows, Mac or Linux.

The Technic Launcher is a custom mod pack designed for the game "Minecraft." It allows the player access to a variety of mods from the Technic Team, including the popular mod packs Tekkit and Hexxit.

Once the Technic Launcher has downloaded, open the file to begin installation. The launcher acts as both a search engine and installer, allowing the player to browse compatible mods and install them from the same platform. These installed mods are used to alter the player's "Minecraft" game by adding content, textures, objectives or controls.

While the Technic Launcher is compatible with a large variety of mods, it is not all-inclusive. Any desired mod could require any specific launcher to run properly. Other custom launchers include the Feed the Beast Launcher and AT Launcher.

On February 4, 2015 the Technic Team addressed user concerns about mods failing to download. Users experiencing this problem were asked to make certain that the Technic Launcher was added as an exception to any firewall programs before trying again.