How Do You Download AT&T Ringtones?

download-t-ringtones Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

AT&T stopped selling ringtones and ringback tones in 2014. However, AT&T customers may still purchase ringtones from Google Play and iTunes, as of 2015. The Windows Phone also offers ringtone alternatives.

According to AT&T, its application Music Store went out of service on Nov. 20, 2014. The store's closing did not affect previously downloaded songs and ringtones on AT&T, which are still available and functional on the original device. However, ringback tones are no longer available for any AT&T customer, as they were a Music Store subscription service.

Nevertheless, both Google Play and iTunes sell ringtones that function on AT&T phones, as of April 2015. Google Play offers various ringtones online, while iTunes only offers ringtones for purchase using iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Although these stores sell ringtones, they also sell applications to create personalized ringtones with songs already on the device. Various applications for making ringtones include Ringtone Maker and Ringdroid.

While Google Play and iTunes offer applications to create ringtones, the Windows Phone store also gives tutorials on how to make personalized ringtones using a PC and files from the computer. According to Windows Phone, any sound file works as long as it is smaller than 30 megabytes. However, Windows Phone warns against using files protected by digital rights management.