How Do You Download Spanish Language Literature From

To download Spanish language literature from, a user needs to click on the language-option link at the top right-hand corner of the site's home page. This link leads to a page offering a multitude of language options. The user needs to choose the link that reads Espa?ol.

Choosing this link opens the entire website in Spanish. From here, the user has a multitude of options of literature to download or articles and stories to simply read directly from the site.

To download material, there are few options. Click the Publicaciones link on the menu bar at the top of the page to select a variety of literature to download. First, under the Revistas category, articles from two of the organization's magazines ? "Atalaya" and "?Despertad!" ? are available. Below this, under the Otros category, other types of literature-download options can be found. This includes instructional and inspirational pamphlets, calendars, and programs for some of the organization's regional conferences.This literature is comprehensive, and a note at the bottom of the page informs the user that there may be additional text and material in the digital version of the literature compared to the hard copies formally released by the organization. In addition to downloading text, the user also has the option with some material to download videos or mp3s.