How Do You Download the Puffin Browser for Free?


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To download the Puffin browser for free, go to the iPhone App Store or access the Google Play Store for Android devices. This browser is available for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet computers.

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There is a free and paid version of the Puffin browser. The paid version has zero ads but has the same primary function as the free version. Puffin is a fast Web browser for mobile devices that includes a download-to-cloud feature for iOS devices and 24/7 support. There is extra cloud protection with the browser as the server is encrypted, so even when using Wi-Fi, it is still safe to use. It uses the latest version of Flash and is updated regularly.

Puffin also allows a phone user to save bandwidth while browsing the Web through the app. This keeps videos and flash from draining the bandwidth. There is a theater mode on the browser for games and Flash videos, a virtual gamepad and various add-ons. It also has a customizable color theme for the toolbar and an extra-fast JavaScript engine, as well as an incognito tab that cleans the browsing activities automatically. There is also a mobile view and desktop view when using the browser app.

Some schools in the United States block the Puffin browser. It is also not available in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and China.

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