How Do You Download an NTLDR File?


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Users can download the NTLDR files as a part of Microsoft BCUpdate2.exe repair utility. NTLDR is the boot loader application that Windows XP and 2000 use during startup. NTLDR consists of two files: ntldr and ntdetect.com.

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To copy the files from BCUpdate2.exe to your computer, create a boot disc for your computer, and restart the system with the boot disc in it. When the computer boots into the recovery environment, launch the command prompt and run BCUpdate2.exe by indicating its directory. For instance, if it is in a folder called "utility" under C:, you should type "Expand C:\Utility\BCUpdate2.exe" and hit Enter.

Once the application is ready, type "BCUpdate2.exe C: /F" and hit Enter. Press Y when prompted, and wait until the command prompt notifies you that the boot code has been updated successfully.

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