How Do You Download the MyHeadset Updater?

How Do You Download the MyHeadset Updater?

To download and install the MyHeadset updater on a personal computer, the basic requirement is that the user has administrative privileges. The MyHeadset updater is a free plug-in that enables the user to upgrade the firmware of the headset settings and also personalize its settings.

The MyHeadset updater program enables the user to change the language of the voice commands, to mute the voice alert or to enable or disable the smart sensor on the headset. To download and install MyHeadset updater, access the Plantronics official website (, and select the updater in the support section.

The Plantronics website displays a list of headset products that can be personalized. Select the applicable product, and then click on the Get Started button. Select Start, and then click on Download. Follow the displayed instructions to download and install the application. Upon completion of the installation, connect the headset to its USB charging cable.

Access the initially visited link and select the product. Click on the Get Started button, and successively click on Continue twice. Personalize the settings, and click on Update the Headset. Finally, click Update, and then disconnect the headset when prompted on the screen.

MyHeadset Updater is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.0 or a higher version browser. It is compatible with Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or higher version, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1 or higher version, Windows Vista SP2 or higher version and the Windows XP SP3 or higher version software.