How Do You Download Music to Your Tubidy MP3 Player?

The easiest way to download music to a Tubidy MP3 player is to install a music downloader and use it to search for and download tunes. Most Tubidy apps including Tubidy, MP3 and Tubidy Music Downloader are free and easy to use.

Tubidy MP3 allows users to search for music by title, artist, copyright license and creative commons.

  1. Visit Google Play
  2. Visit the Google Play Store and search for "Tubidy MP3." Click the link and hit "Install" to continue.

  3. Search
  4. Search for music by song title, artist or copyright license in the text box under the "Search" tab. After the results come up, preview the song, if desired.

  5. Download
  6. Tap "Download" to install the song on the device.

Tubidy Music Downloader is unique in that it downloads music videos straight to a device in MP3 format, making it less complicated than many Tubidy apps.

  1. Download the app
  2. Download the Tubidy Music Downloader from Google Play.

  3. Search for a song
  4. Search for a song on the app by title or artist.

  5. Download the song
  6. Download the song in the desired format. The app will save it to the device in the desired location.

Tubidy began as a video download service and is now popular as an MP3 downloading service. Both Tubidy MP3 and Tubidy Music Downloader add new content on a daily basis.