How Do You Download MP3 Ringtones?

How Do You Download MP3 Ringtones?

Download MP3 ringtones by using websites that offer ringtones, such as Mobiles24 and Alternatively, you can download a ringtone in another format and convert it to MP3 by using a free media converter, such as Zamzar.

Mobiles24 offers over 125,000 MP3 ringtones uploaded by users. To download a ringtone, click on its title, and click Download This Item. When the website displays a pop-up, either scan the QR code with your phone to download the ringtone directly to your device, or click Download to download it to your computer. Click the play button to preview a ringtone before downloading.

To download MP3 ringtones from, hover the cursor over a ringtone, and click the green Download button on the right. Alternatively, you can click on the QR code icon to download a ringtone directly to your phone. Click the play button for a preview.

If you find a ringtone that you like in any other format than MP3, you can convert it by using Zamzar. Once on the homepage, click Choose Files, and upload the ringtone. Select MP3 from the drop-down list under Step 2, enter your email address and click Convert. Zamzar then sends the MP3 output to your email address.

Although it is not illegal to make a ringtone out of a song, you must not sell or share the ringtone. Distributing parts of a copyrighted work falls under copyright infringement and is a punishable crime. For example, Eminem sued five companies in 2009 for selling ringtones that included parts from his songs.