How Do You Download Free MP3 Audiobooks?

How Do You Download Free MP3 Audiobooks?

To download free MP3 audiobooks, visit a site that offers free audiobooks, browse through available titles and click on the MP3 download link. Sites that offer MP3 downloads include Open Culture and Lit2Go.

Run through the following steps to download free audiobooks as MP3 files.

  1. Find a website that offers free audiobooks
  2. Several websites offer free and legal audiobooks. Options include Open Culture, Lit2Go, Free Classic Audiobooks, Loyal Books, Librophile, Audio Books For Free and Verkaro. Users can find a helpful rundown of websites that provide free books on Digital Trends. Most free websites offer public domain works, but some provide audio of authors reading their own works or independent books.

  3. Browse titles
  4. Many websites that offer free audiobooks allow users to browse titles. Books that are available in MP3 format are usually marked as such.

  5. Click on the download link
  6. Click on the MP3 download link to download the audiobook.

Websites like Open Culture also provide links to alternative listening options. For example, many websites host or link to streaming podcasts, which are good options for users running out of storage space. Audible and iTunes also offer free titles, which users can download and listen to in the Audible, iTunes or Apple Podcast applications.